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TST – the most advanced designer tattoo parlor in Kiev

Often klіnti are interested – as a long time ago, a salon, a yasvid at maystrіv. We are able to tell you that of the studio praciu 2004 rock. On the spot, the fellow student of the studio, Dmitro Tsilik, renting a small office on Prov. George, in Kiev. Through kіlka rokіv, all at once they joined the masters and those who learned to remember the salon. Addresses of boulevards: T. Shevchenka Boulevard, Popova St. on Kurenivtsi, Bogomoltsya vul. From 2013, a tattoo studio TST can be found on 15 Kostelnaya St., in 3 huts of the Independence Square, the main area of ​​the country. At the highest hour in the studio, there will be 3 to 7 of May. All the same, the Maistri Universali, with great dostvidom, і uchіnі, yakі pіslya navchannya showed high results in creativity and bouli took to the robot. It seems like getting lost in the bagato rock, someone in the country has mastered new horizons. On the cob of 2019 rock in the studio praciuyut 5 maystrіv of the highest level. The skin master in the studio TST has a unique signature, style and method of tattooing. Ofitsіynna registration of the skin mayster, effective methods of sterilization, new tattoo machines and one-time vitrified materials, warranty, health, procedure.

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The studio doesn’t have robotic tatuyuvanny kind of small мили miles to great bagato session sessions руки hands and backs, ale вс all-out pirsing, including інімій і мікродермыли. So it’s the mainstay of our salon to rob permanent makeup (tattooing), at the moment possessed in the latest technology. Maystri with approval in the field of repayment – I recommend recommending the color, shape, and size in the deposits of the type of shkiri, anatomical features and your likeness. We can see the permanent tattoo, victorious special possession for such a folding and precise procedure. Without riziku i nezpezka injuries. So, for overriding the old tattoo, in front of the seas, it’s visible with a laser, so that you can minimize the need for shkiru-mi before you can see the new beautiful tattoo.


We surround the item with warto v_dnachiti navchanni tatuyuvannya abo pіrsingu at the master of Dmitry Tsіlik. Yogo great dostvіd robots, a quick follow-up skill and style of a tattoo, a two-way master of the class of top-of-the-line light tattoos, May-axis and knowledge, so as to clear out our TST studio. We accept the bonus in the process of starting and giving the studio TST: people-models, for performing singing techniques and styles, in the deposits in the programs. Lesson + practice + post-control control of the process of filling the tattoo with vkladachom = constipation of the closed closure of the passed material and training of the student. Starting a tattoo in Kiev is based on a studio, a professional possessing the most modern types of tattoos, InkJekta, Kwadron, InkMachines … One-time more materials EZ, Kwadron, DA Vinci The robots of our students, we took away the right estimates and the prizes at the international tattoo festivals – the top butt of the highest level of navigation. 2
For the help of a tattoo artist and a professional proficiency, it is possible to apply the image on the top of the skirt, with such exact words as vogillas, olive oil, and oil on canvas and colors. TRAIN the tattoo to the isolation of YOUR Thought! Tatuyuvannya can’t be a little little one, since you take care of the little baby for an extra loyalty, then you spend 100% on seeing and seeing the bag. Broken off primitives and populations of viroblen tatuyuvannya will be trivial, lower joy is better. Very good tattoos for your life. decoration: you won’t be able to wear the product all the way through those that have no problems with gold, but how beautiful is it in the form of “nyyaka”?)) Miraculous robots can be worked around for three times, you can’t feel free to say it 1 session. Більш in detail v_dpovіmo for meals in vibe, Vots ap. telegram +38 0668108780
Trochas about TST studio life: Using a tattoo artist and his professional equipment, it is possible to apply at least some image on the surface of the skin, with the same accuracy, say charcoal, pencil or oil on paper and canvas. In various techniques and styles, color and black and white, including fluorescent. TRUST THE TATTOOSTER IN PERSONALIZING YOUR Thoughts! A tattoo cannot be a small speck, if you save with the help of the volume of the picture, then you lose 100% in the form and expressiveness of the result. The bummer from the primitivism and poppy of the tattoo produced will last longer than the satisfaction from acquiring it.