The cost of Tattoo, tattooing, piercing and training from the TST Studio

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Address: tattoo studio TST, open format. Ukraine, Kiev, metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti, vul. Kostelna, 15

The cost of piercing, for all types, is HERE. Piercing WITHOUT RECORDING, WITHOUT WEEKEND, from 11 to 20. Now the promotion – a means for the care of piercings – as a gift!
The cost of tattooing – eyelids, eyebrows (various techniques) – 1400, nipple halos – 1400 UAH, lips (various techniques) – 1600 UAH. Correction in a month UAH 500 (mandatory procedure). The quoted price includes free quality anesthesia.
The cost of tattoo or permanent makeup removal HERE. Come without an appointment, at any time and day.
The minimum price for a tattoo (start price) is 600 UAH (even the smallest in size and not complicated). Is cheaper * (see at the very bottom of the page)
Payment in hryvnia, cash or through a mobile application of any bank to a Privat card. There is no terminal.
Attention! Conditions of armor for tattoo and permanent make-up
Reservation of the day and time for a tattoo or permanent make-up is a day from the moment of communication with the administrator. Within a day, to demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions to get a tattoo or permanent make-up, you need to make an advance payment of UAH 200, in person in the studio, through friends or relatives, or to the Privat Bank card 5363542320043939 (save the screen shot or photo of the payment receipt, and be sure! ! send it as soon as possible to the place where you communicated with the administrator (messengers, social networks, etc.).
Without prepayment, in a day, we will remove the reservation, without notifications!
Prepayment is included in the price! In case of cancellation of the booking of the session, regardless of the reasons, less than a day (24 hours from the moment of communication with the administrator and agreement on the session) – the prepayment is not refundable, and goes as compensation to the master.
It is much more important for us to do the work for you! We understand that life is unpredictable, situations are not always subject to our control. There is always force majeure! We always go to negotiations and enter into your position – just write, call, chat with us !!! Nobody will scold you, we are adults, serious people, we plan our work in advance and hope for understanding.
If for some reason you cannot make an advance payment:
no bank card or account
there is not a single supermarket or store with a payment terminal nearby
currency only in drag. metals or non-existing countries (GDR, USSR, Great Roman Empire, etc.)
you are in another country or planet
the very thought of prepayment introduces a twilight state of mind
you are worried that we will drastically change the location of the studio, where, since 2013, come to the studio, without prior AGREEMENT. Perhaps there will be free masters and will gladly fulfill all your tattoo dreams!
All sessions during working hours, from 11 to 20, there are no night shifts.
All procedures are performed on the MANDATORY presentation of the document:
passport of any existing country, with photo and date of birth
student, student, with photo (current) and date of birth!
driving license, aircraft driving license, military ID
The “ДІЯ” application is also suitable. The presence of tattoos and piercings is not a proof of permission (a situation is possible – you have been made the only exception, and everything new is strictly prohibited)
Any procedure for persons from 12 to 18 years old – strictly in the presence of parents or guardians, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on the age of civil liability (Articles 31, 33, 1179, 1180, 1182 of the Civil Code of Ukraine)!
Perhaps a video message from parents, conditions:
broadcast to instagram, skype, vibe, whatsapp, etc.
separately video recording on a smartphone, go-pro, tik-tok, etc.) with a demonstration of the passport (your own) in an open form and a story of what they are allowed to do, where and how.
We reserve the right to photo and video recording of your permission, in accordance with the law of the Civil Code of Ukraine, article 307.
Phone calls (voice) to our (your) phone, messengers
personal stories of friends, neighbors, siblings, lovers, lovers, pets
messages on social networks and notes on paper, wood or other means. Whoever we are going to get a tattoo or piercing – they should also have a document with a photo and date of birth.
How to find out more precisely the cost of a tattoo:
You can find out the exact cost of a tattoo from 11:00 to 20:00 in the chat here on the site. You will receive communication with a REAL master consultant who specializes in all the services of our studio, a practicing master of tattoo, piercing, tattoo removal or permanent make-up.
Please send an example with the size you need in cm in height or length. We will write the cost of the work, the working time in hours or sessions (we have a session a day, from 11 to 20, with breaks for rest and lunch) and the next free time and day. Or specify the day and time you need yourself.
It is optimal to sign up for a tattoo session 1-3 days before the desired date! Correspondence contains more information than a voice call! We should see a picture, pr which is in question.
write to any messenger and social network (click on the logo), but we answer during business hours, from 11 to 20.:
call +380668108780 BUT! we answer during business hours, from 11 to 20
Email: (hidden)
The price of a tattoo depends on: the style of the drawing, the detailing, the color filling, the complexity of the execution, the working time and the number of sessions, the location on the body, etc. Size doesn’t always affect the price! The minimum price for a tattoo (start price) is 600 UAH (even the smallest in size and not complicated)
You may be pleased with a DISCOUNT – 10% for all studio services, if you leave a review about us! To receive a discount, you must contact the master before paying for the service.
Birthday discount.
Birthday discount for piercing – 10%, for a tattoo at least 1000 UAH – 15%. You must agree about a discount before signing up for a tattoo session in the chat on the site, in the correspondence +380668108780 viber WhatsApp telegram.
Discounts are not cumulative. Activation on birthday, upon presentation of a passport.
About consultation
Come for a personal consultation – we have an open studio and this is the best option – in 15 minutes it will be clear: what, where, how, how much time is needed, the number of sessions, you need to create an original layout (paid service), etc.).

Attention! Promotions, discounts and bonuses are not cumulative among themselves. They also do not apply to tattoos at a promotional price. More detailed information, you can get from an online consultant here on the site.

Our customer reviews on Google: here, uncensored. You also write reviews, your opinion is very important for us! We will take into account your wishes and try to be the best in our work!

Tattoo prices
We will make tattoos based on your examples, or on ours, it may also be the fruit of joint imagination, based on other people’s works and drawings … Any style, type, location on the body and color content.
Development of the original layout – 300 UAH, 1 hour of work, by appointment. The work takes place in your presence in collage (layout) format in Photoshop and other graphic editors. We are waiting for you to decide on the plot, style, location on the body. Bring or send any digital images, photos on your phone or tablet (not necessarily photos of other people’s tattoos) that will be used in the design of the tattoo.
The cost of a tattoo session (full time, from 11 to 20 hours) – from 3500 UAH (the price depends on the complexity, style, number of sessions, etc.). You will need an advance payment of UAH 200 (in cash or on a bank card) to demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions to get a tattoo.
For an additional fee, we provide the use of special anesthesia (ointments or sprays, just not injections!), As well as professional healing films (from different manufacturers).
Promotional work on our sketches and layouts (link to the page) – 500 – 1000 UAH per session (full working day, from 11 to 20 hours).
The cost of work outside working hours (after 20-00) – the cost of work is paid at double the rate of the cost of the selected tattoo.
Attention! In case of a controversial situation, all procedures are carried out after presenting a document confirming age, with a photo and date of birth.

We do not serve (without exception – nothing personal), neither for an additional fee, nor for your personal valor and ranks, position in society, nor for various promises and vows:
Persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication (we do not do analyzes, we make a decision in the process of communication)
Significant delay of the client at the time of his appointment, without warning! This deprives the master of the opportunity to have time to provide quality services to this client, before the next one arrives. A delay of more than 30 minutes will cancel the booking of the session (we will not make it in time, there are no night shifts, the next client does not care why they were late ..), the prepayment is transferred to a new session, by agreement.
If you are in doubt about the adequacy and understanding of what is happening. We, in turn, do not make secrets – we will tell and show everything.
With visible skin and other viral and other diseases, you must definitely inform the master about them. He will make a decision! We have the right to refuse to provide services because of your health condition.
With a freshly shaved place for a tattoo (!!!!!) – we shave ourselves with disposable machines! The reason is that by shaving you can make micro-cuts on the skin, where the paint will enter during the tattoo process, extra lines will appear that will have to be removed with a laser.
People who have gone through or are in the process of treatment, after undergoing plastic and surgical operations. The reason is lowered immunity, respectively, long and problematic healing! Take care of yourself!
With fresh (visible healing process) tattoos. Refinement, correction, correction and addition of your tattoo – only after complete healing. On average 4-6 weeks, with dense

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