The cost of Tattoo, tattooing, piercing and training from the TST Salon

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How to find out the cost of a tattoo more precisely:
Send an example with the size you want in cm in height or length. We will write the cost of work, work time over days and the nearest free time and day. Or write the desired day and time.

Optimal recording on a tattoo 1-3 days before the desired date! Correspondence carries more information than a voice call!

write to any messenger and social network (click on the logo), but we respond during business hours, from 11 to 20 .:
call +380668108780 but! We answer during working hours, from 11 to 20
The cost of piercing HERE. Piercing WITHOUT RECORDING, AT ANY TIME AND DAY, from 11 to 20. Now the action – a means for piercing care – as a gift!
The cost of removing a tattoo or tattoo HERE. Come without an appointment, at any time and day.
The cost of tattoo training HERE.
Cost of piercing training HERE
There are gift certificates! HERE
The cost of piercing HERE. Piercing WITHOUT RECORDING, AT ANY TIME AND DAY, from 11 to 20. Now the action – a means for piercing care – as a gift!
The price of a tattoo depends on: the style of drawing, detail, color content, difficulty in execution, working time and number of sessions, location on the body, etc. The size does not always affect the price! The minimum price for a tattoo (start price) is 500 UAH (even the minimum in size and not complicated

Find out the cost – from 11:00 to 20:00 in Chat on the site, communication with a REAL master consultant, specialization in all the services of our studio, a practicing master of tattooing, piercing or tattooing (ask all your questions about our services)

Come for a personal consultation – we have an open studio and this is the best option – in 15 minutes it will be clear: what, where, how, how much time, number of sessions, whether you need to create an original layout (paid service), etc.) .

You can come to us without an appointment and days off – from 11:00 to 20:00 here.

Promotional work according to our sketches and layouts (link to the page) – 500 – 1000 UAH per session (full time, from 11 to 20).

There is also a format “tattoo for an exam for 50 UAH.” In a certain style and the necessary drawing, the student makes under the constant constant supervision of the teacher. Errors and inaccuracies are excluded – this is an exam, the student fixes the material passed. If interested, subscribe to the instagram link, follow the posts. Every week we need models, different styles.


To show the seriousness of the intention to get a tattoo or tattoo (not piercing) – an advance payment of UAH 200 is required, in person in the studio or on a Privat 5363542306353518 card (save the screen shot or photo of the payment receipt).

If you refuse the procedure later than a day before the procedure, the prepayment is not refundable! She goes to the master as moral compensation.

Reviews of our customers on Google: here, without cuts. You also write reviews, your opinion is important to us! We will take into account the wishes and try to be the best in our work! The cost of tattooing is eyelids, eyebrows (various techniques), nipple halos – 1300 UAH, lips (various techniques) – 1500 UAH. Correction in a month 400 UAH (optional). Cost includes free quality anesthesia.

Tattoo prices
We make tattoos according to your examples, according to ours, the fruit of a joint fantasy, based on other people’s works and drawings … Any styles, types, location on the body and color content.

Development of the original layout – 200 UAH, 1 hour of work. Personally, by appointment. The work takes place in your presence in the format of a collage (layout) in Photoshop and other graphic editors. You are required to determine the plot, style, location on the body. Bring any images you like in digital format, photos on the phone or tablet (not necessarily photos of other people’s tattoos) that will be used in the tattoo.

The cost of a tattoo session (full time, from 11 to 20) – from 4000 UAH (the price depends on the complexity, style, number of sessions, etc.). An advance payment of 200 UAH (cash, on a bank card) will be required to show the seriousness of the intention to do tattoo.

For an additional fee we provide the use of special anesthesia (ointments or sprays, not injections!), Professional healing films (different manufacturers)

Departure to the house is possible, with an additional payment for travel, security, delivery of equipment for a tattoo, etc. – all this is additionally paid, regardless of the complexity and cost of the tattoo (1000-1500 UAH, in Kiev, 2000 UAH – up to 50 km from Kiev)

The cost of work is not during working hours (after 20-00) – the cost of work is paid at the 2nd rate of the cost of this tattoo.

The cost of tattooing is eyelids, eyebrows (various equipment) – 1300 UAH, lips (various equipment) – 1500 UAH. correction in a month 400 UAH (optional procedure).

The approximate cost of a tattoo:

5 by 5 cm, black and white – from 500 UAH
5 by 5 cm, color – from 600 UAH
10 by 10 cm, black and white – from 1200 UAH
(lower stock price, according to our designs or on certain conditions)
10 by 10 cm, color – from 1700 UAH
overlapping old tattoo (cover up) – from 500 UAH
large tattoo – “sleeve”, back, … – from 1900 UAH

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