Gift certificates

Подарочный сертификат

Gift certificates
Dear customers, we offer you an updated format of gift certificates from our professional tattoo salon “TST”.
Someone from your friends has long been planning to get a tattoo, piercing or tattoo, but does not dare or does not find time and money? Help them take the first step – present our certificate and they will be able to choose a service that they like more!

Features of gift certificates:
With this certificate you can pay for any of our services: tattoo, tattoo, piercing or laser removal.
The certificate can be FOR ANY OF YOUR AMOUNT. (fits)
If the cost of the service is more than the face value of the certificate, then the difference can be paid in cash or by credit card.
The certificate has no expiration date.
You can purchase a certificate both at a personal visit to the studio, and filling out an on-line application with delivery in Kiev by New Mail (at the expense of the recipient).
Present the certificate to a friend, relative or colleague and let this become an incentive for the realization of an old dream!

Attention! The difference in the price of the certificate and the actual cost of the service is not refundable. You can redistribute a certificate, change services or make several. When returning the certificate – the cost at par, minus 30 UAH.

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