Recommendations and Tips for Choosing Tattoos from the Best Tattoo Salon in Kiev “TST”

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Design and tattooing in detail
Please read and reflect on what you read. With the help of a tattoo artist and his professional equipment, it is possible to apply at least some image on the surface of the skin, with the same accuracy, say graphite, pencil or oil on paper and canvas. In various techniques and styles, color and black and white, including fluorescent. TRUST THE TATTOOSTER IN PERSONALIZING YOUR Thoughts! A tattoo cannot be a small speck, if you save with the help of the volume of the picture, then you lose 100% in the form and expressiveness of the result. The bummer from primitivism and poppies of the tattoo produced will last longer than satisfaction from acquiring it. A very ordinary tattoo indicates the small social and economic status of the wearer, the lack of taste and the desire not to differ from the masses with equally poor and obvious plots … as an example, jewelry scenery: you won’t wear the product solely because it is made of silver or gold, but it’s practically nothing in beauty and form?))
Excellent work is done in a few hands, you can not really get a cool tattoo in 1 session.

As soon as you arrive at the tattoo artist YOU ARE INTERESTED To Find The Maximum Probably Much Better TATTOO, with a different turn of events it does not make sense to get a tattoo from Prof. TATTOOR, believe that you don’t need to erect dog booths with a high-altitude crane since you can erect palaces. Treat the tattoo with all responsibility and seriousness, then you will never regret actually came to the tattoo artist.

BE GENERAL NOT TO THE TATTOOR, AND TO YOUR OWN Torso! Essentially! ways to search for sketches and flashes for a tattoo You try a tattoo, you come up with a placement and turned to search for a particular picture, a sample of a “cat.” You type in Google the words “cat tattoos, tattoos with cats ….. etc.”, and ….. nothing beautiful, original, non-poppin, some “battered” flashes, drawings of the “beach sticker for 3 rubles” style, and any other primitive and slag … by and large … and what to do ?? )))

Do not think that I have exactly what you like, come to me more closely with the variations of the tattoo, so that we have something to do with the act and as a result of this Before asking for support, make sure that you actually decided to use all of the above methods. Flashes on a photo-realistic theme are often searched. My advice is not to look for flashes on this topic, but photos of real animals. The discovered photo can bring more benefits for professionals, if someone had a sketch on this topic or a tattoo made on someone ..

For example: looking for an image of a shark. We set the words in the search engine word: shark or shark.

Attention! Use the advanced search options in order to set to search for Great pictures.

Where are the illustrations taken:

1) – for registered small photos in the absence of a logo, considerable ones – for cash

2) – this is actually on the Getty.

3) – this is actually on the Getty.

(this collection was ever hacked by hackers – look for pirates on DVD)

4) – after registration, as for the great photos with the logo

Where to get hefty illustrations

(considerable illustrations are available after free registration) – for free 1 illustration, then for the dollar for 1 staff.

(services have every chance to slow down due to influx of users,

much better to fumble there at night)

Russian counterpart – http://BigFoto.RU

A huge number of fonts- all sorts and different! Download the font installation file and bring it to a flash drive to me. Install it on a computer and start working with it in a graphical editor.

VALUE OF TATTOOS (hyperlink). (For reflection, understanding ..) but! The value of your tattoo is the value that you personally THINK! The imagination of a resident of our planet is immeasurable! And do not blindly believe generally accepted concepts and stereotypes at all .. be personal!

The necessary hyperlinks to art galleries –
http: // action = gallery …

info taken from

TST Tattoo Studio is a place where anyone who is older than 18 years old is able to get a tattoo.

But, everything is quite difficult as it may seem at first glance as it may seem, it is necessary to approach the choice of a tattoo studio extremely reverently, since you have a tattoo for life.

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