Кращі Татуювання в Києві від Тату-Салону «TST»

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A tattoo master must have the talent of an artist!
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In addition, creativity and outstanding imagination are also worth attributing to this. Many will say that this is obvious. But imagine a situation if the master simply tries to copy the selected work. It will turn out as plagiarism on something. Each tattoo artist has a different style of performance and this is felt in the picture. The strokes may not be the same, but if you try to do so, you will not get a very attractive result. In other words, each master must put his talent into work. 37

Each tattoo artist has a portfolio, by looking through which, you can draw conclusions about his professionalism. But many people do not post their work on the Internet, which should also be taken into account. This is acceptable as a sample.
Tattoos can be done on different parts of the body. And some prefer to “hammer” almost the whole body.
Often, a favorite place for applying undercarriage is biceps. It is always visible and, at the same time, the tattoo can be covered at any time. You can also not limit yourself to fantasy and fill any picture, both an abstraction and a portrait.

A tattoo on the ankle looks very gentle on the girls. Here, the tattoo master must choose a neat drawing so that it can be seen from a height of human growth. The tattoo should not be complicated and small. Sophisticated with the design is not worth it, because the color and details will look illegible and all the charm of the picture will be lost. IMG_20180429_141247
A small tattoo should also be chosen on the wrist, because it is a thin part of the arm and it is not worth weighting it with a bulky pattern. Or you can make it around the circumference, like a bracelet. You can also dream up with design. The creative potential of the master plays a decisive role in this.

The loin and lower back are also favorite spots for drawing, especially for girls and women. Usually it is a tattoo of complex design, possibly abstraction or calligraphic inscriptions. You can also write with hieroglyphs or make an ethnic tattoo.

On the chest, body painting is more popular among men than among girls. The representative of the stronger sex can not be limited in imagination and perform a drawing on complex topics and any size. For girls, these are usually small, neat drawings.

Simple, but at the same time, bright and expressive tattoos will look great on the back of the head. The back of the neck is a pretty sexy place to place the picture – a good idea.

The pictures in the navel area look insanely beautiful. This adds incredible sexuality and piquancy to this part of the body. For application, both symmetry and asymmetric patterns are suitable. It will be a worthy decoration for your abdomen.

The tattoo in the foot area looks attractive. It is original and unobtrusive. You can create your own design and turn to the master for help.

This technique is not tattoo removal, but adjustments. An old drawing or a failed one can easily be replaced with a new, unique and beautiful one. The professionalism and experience of the master are very important, since it involves very delicate work. The nuance can be considered that the client can not choose the picture you like, but to choose the most suitable one is real. There are also many options and finding your own is simple. Updating the star tattoo

The tattoo artist must choose the right colors so that the old tattoo does not stand out against the background of the new one. The combination and combination of shades should be performed very efficiently and carefully.
An old tattoo also has certain requirements for lines, which, if possible, should be avoided very carefully so that everything looks harmonious in the end.

Overlapping is not cheap and not every master can make it efficiently. Therefore, be careful in your choice.

Today, this procedure is greatly simplified thanks to the use of a laser. This method is called combined and does not damage the upper layers of the epidermis. The price may be higher than applying a new drawing.
Cover-up is a great way to get rid of an old tattoo. This is a kind of alternative to its removal. The work will turn out really beautiful if you do not skimp on the price, because quality work is worth it.

Communication with the master
As a creative person, and not Shcherbaty Kolyan from the second entrance with imported mascara, the tattoo artist will not understand communication based on “zonovskie” concepts. The conversation should always be enjoyable, cultural, and conducive to the artistic process. It is very important!

If the master himself communicates with you in this way, then you can safely say goodbye in order to preserve your nerves and rid yourself of “beauty” on your body.2_2068

Do not neglect the advice and recommendations of the wizard. “I want here and only what I want” is, of course, good. But! If the tattoo in this place will look horrible and lose all its charm, the tattoo artist will tell you about it and it would be better to listen to his professional opinion.

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